Re-Luv'd Upholstery Services

At Re-Luv’d Custom Upholstery I specialize in Economical, Ecological and Innovative solutions for your home furniture as well as repair and replacement options for  foam/fabric in recreational vehicles and commercial/industrial seating.

Furniture I specialize in:  wingback and occasional chairs, sette/chaise lounge/day beds, kitchen/dining chairs,  footstools/ottomans/ benches, cushions/pillows… well as foam and filling replacement, seam and spring repairs and panel replacements.  *(sofas will be considered after a visual assessment is completed)

Recreational vehicle seating I specialize in:  boats/snowmobiles/motorcycles/skidoos/ etc… as well as panel replacements and seam/foam repairs or replacements, screening/plastic window replacement, and zippers or snaps replaced.  I can also RE & RE (remove and replace) OEM or aftermarket seat covers purchased from other manufacturers. **PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO HAVE A RECREATIONAL VEHICLE  SEAT FOR REPAIR OR UPHOLSTERY I REQUIRE THE SEAT REMOVED FROM THE VEHICLE.

Commercial/Industrial seating I specialize in: restaurants, dentist, chiropractic, massage, beauty, retail, gym, buses, office, etc… well as seam repairs and panel/foam replacement.

Custom projects are always welcomed and encouraged!

Upholstery supplies and fabrics are available for purchase. (deposit required)


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