Finished Re-Luv’d Again (used to be HvR ONE ~ Recycled Designs) pieces for sale.  These are truly unique pieces of functional furniture.  Hand crafted and higher quality than you would find in retail stores today. These designs are pieces that you can be proud to own and able to pass along to future generations to be recycled and transformed again.  Please contact:  Hope van Ravens 905-703-7622 for purchase inquiries or if you have furniture you would like to donate.

4 Eastlake frames from Mr-001 4 Eastlake frames from Mr1-001 Collages

1886 Eastlake chairRecycled Lamps

These lamps are a new idea I came up with while browsing though Wastewise here in Georgetown. These lamp bases have been recycled and transformed into a multifunctional lamp stand. Great for small spaces where an end/side table just won’t fit for entertaining to hold goodies or a beverage for your guests. Can also be used to hold/display candles, plants, books and much more! Can also be used outside on your deck or patio in the summer. Contact me if you have any questions or if you have a lamp you would like transformed to suit your décor. (Lamps range from $40-80 depending on style and the plate used which some are vintage and some are brand new).


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