Q – Can I provide my own fabric?

A – Yes you most certainly can provide your own fabric but I have to charge for materials used in your piece which is normally covered if you buy fabric through me. Please let me know if you wish to provide your own fabric.

Q – Can I get a deal if I pay cash?

A – NO. I pay tax on everything that is used in your piece so I have to charge HST on materials used.

Q – How long does it take to get something upholstered?

A – It all depends on what you have. If it’s a piece you use daily then I don’t like to keep it longer than a week. Larger pieces can take up to 4-6 weeks as I am only one person. Delays do happen (supplier issues, backorders, illness, emergencies) so patience is greatly appreciated when difficulties arise.

Q – Do you pick up and deliver?

A – Yes. Depending on where you live there may be a charge to do so which will cover my travel time and gas. If you can drop off and pick up then all the better.

Q – What are the next steps after an estimate?

A – Once you’ve approved the estimate then the next step is to schedule an appointment to view fabrics. I have a large selection of fabric books from J.Ennis Fabrics and Joanne Fabrics for you to peruse. If nothing catches your fancy then I can always send you to their showrooms (not open to the public) to view their whole selection of fabrics. You are also welcome to provide your own fabric (see above Q & A). Once fabric has been selected I can then book your piece into my work schedule.

Q – Why is upholstery more expensive than buying new?

A – You are getting a custom crafted piece which will be upholstered better than any mass produced piece of furniture. I pride myself on quality and refuse to cut corners with cheap materials. I want your piece to last decades not months and end up in landfill. You get what you pay for.

Q – Do you require a deposit?

A – Yes. I require that fabric be paid in full before ordering and balance to be paid upon receipt of your piece.

Q – What methods of payment do you accept?

A – I accept Cash, Cheque, E-transfer and Credit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions