HvR ONE Recycled Designs Eastlake Trio

 I started Re-Luv’d Again because I want to reclaim furniture that I see being tossed to the curb side, have found very cheap, have been found for me or passed along through family and friends and give these pieces a new lease on life. I want to be able to use my creativity and passion for the environment to create unique pieces using more eco friendly materials which helps to reduce our impact on the environment (landfills) and leave less of an environmental footprint for future generations. I hope that one day this endeavour will help me to realize my dream of owning/operating a furniture recycling depot, where furniture can be donated and either refurbished and re-sold or broken down into its recyclable materials and disposed of properly or transformed into another product. This truly is a labour of love.  I see the potential in every piece of furniture and can’t wait for it to become Re-Luv’d Again!



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